I’ve been styling hair for 19 years and have been with Antonetti’s Hair for Men since 2016. My philosophy is to always learn new hair styling techniques for every type of hair to keep up with the trends and provide my clients with state-of-the-art haircuts. When you love what you do and put your heart, mind, and soul into it, you can achieve anything!

I have been cutting hair since 2007 and have served clients with all different types of hair textures and styles. This exposure has expanded my experience immensely. I enjoy getting down and creating art with my shears. When not styling hair, I love listening to music, riding my bike, and enjoy being outdoors. I look forward to seeing you my chair or the shampoo bowl for a life changing scalp massage!

I chose the hair industry as my choice of artistry, and it was the best decision I ever made. I am beyond blessed to be able to meet people from all over the world and all walks of life. Working with my clientele has been beyond rewarding, connecting with my clients, and creating art with their hair validates my decision for going into this field of work. While my name is Rocio, at the shop I go by Rose. I specialize in all scissor cuts, fades, hair color, and hairstyles. Feel free to look at some of my work on Instagram.

I am the owner of Antonetti’s Hair for Men. When I established Antonetti’s Hair for Men in 2013,
I had a vision in mind – a vision where quality of service and consistency would be the norm, where trust between stylist and client would be established early in the relationship, where everyone would walk out feeling valued and a priority.

A big thank you to our return clientele who have been with us since the beginning and have helped Antonetti’s Hair for Men fulfill its vision!